• A problem well understood is a problem half solved.
  • Effective change agents can't be identified by style and personality; they may be found in the unlikeliest places in your organization.
  • Creating capacity to identify and grow new business opportunities is more powerful than simple random waste elimination.
    Guy Parsons
  • When you decide to make your business processes more efficient, make sure you first dig deeply into your customers wants, needs, and expectations.
    Guy Parsons

About Value Stream Solutions:

Guy C. Parsons is the founder of Value Stream Solutions (VSS). VSS provides Lean Business System consulting and leads Value Stream Mapping workshops and delivers inspirational presentations on Lean Principles. VSS is currently focused on delivering value to the owners of business at all sizes, from a $20MM privately held aircraft manufacturer to public corporations such as Starbucks and Johnson & Johnson. VSS has focused experience in the Healthcare arena with a broad range of clients on both the clinical and Pharmaceutical side of the industry. On the clinical side they have worked extensively with both Mayo Clinic and Partners Healthcare, the parent to Massachusetts General Hospital. VSS helps companies wishing to move from applying tools to their operations to creating a cultural shift in their organization.