Who We Are

Value Stream Solutions is a consulting group that provides goal setting, coaching/mentoring, and technical training services focused on the client company’s transformation to Lean Business Thinking and System Thinking practices.

We at Value Stream Solutions, adhere to a plan based, action oriented approach of introducing lean to your organization. Our objective is to build internal capability for your team to pursue the lean transformation of the company with its internal resources. We find that internal resources teaching and coaching their co-workers is preferred over external consultants. Therefore, our method of “learn by doing” is utilized to expedite the knowledge transfer to your team.

Our Approach

Our effectiveness is based on a principle of teaching and educating senior leadership on Lean strategies, and then working as coaches and mentors to guide the implementation process. We take a total business perspective when working with a company, including product development, supplier management, production, and distribution.

The focus is on helping businesses free up resources to provide more service to their customer base without the need to add resources. Typically, we use highly effective Value Stream Improvement workshops, to identify the sources of waste and inefficiency throughout an entire business. We then guide senior management teams through the analysis that delineates value-creating activities from non-value creating activities. This analysis is then combined with operational strategy to define the steps to be taken going forward.

Once the opportunities are identified, we partner with senior management to apply the appropriate tools and methods to drive toward operational excellence. Lean implementation focuses not only operational performance, but also the other functional elements of the business including: sales and marketing, product design, engineering and financial management.

Contact Value Stream Solutions

Image of Guy Parsons

office - 617 484-5454

email - gparsons@leanvs.com

Value Stream Solutions

East Region

Guy Parsons

Belmont, Massachusetts

Guy is the former program director at LEI where he worked for six years alongside Jim Womack, refining lean implementation concepts before leaving to develop a number of opportunities focused on lean transformation, acquisition, and investment. At LEI, Guy helped develop the program for the annual Summit conferences, managed research projects, built a network of lean thinking leaders in industry, and worked closely with Mike Rother and John Shook to produce Learning to See training in value-stream mapping. Prior to working with LEI, Guy was president of Merlin Metalworks, the bicycle company whose lean transformation was described in Lean Thinking. He has been a guest lecturer at Babson College and Harvard Business School.

Image of Tom Foco

office - 360-608-9493

email - tfoco@comcast.net

Value Stream Solutions

West Region

Tom Foco

Ridgefield, Washington

Tom’s 30+ years of operations experience began with Fortune 100 electronics firms. As a Plant Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Director of Engineering and Lean Consultant, Tom has had the opportunity “to see” Value Streams in a wide range of industries. His experience and clientele include electronic assembly and fabrication, composites, software development, service delivery, ambulatory healthcare, metal fabrication, aircraft manufacturing, call centers and many business processes. Tom’s work as a co-developer of LEI’s Transformational Leadership workshop provides a depth to coach Leadership Development, Strategy Deployment and managing processes with Value Stream Improvements. Broadly capable, his training ranges from conducting front line improvements with the people who do the work, to updating the Board of Directors; this provides him with the vision needed to establish a rapport coaching the front line worker or the executive manager.