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Explore and understand lean problem solving and continuous improvement.

Teach others to see problems systemically and begin to apply problem solving skills to improve the work stream with a Value Stream Improvement Workshop.

Tailored instruction to improve you and your company’s lean strategy.

Developing the ability to grasp the Current Condition of your process.

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"When you decide to make your business processes more efficient, make sure you take into account the customer's wishes."
Guy Parsons

Introduction to Value Stream Solutions

What we are learning from our customers:

1. Employee morale and job satisfaction is a leading driver of our new client relationships.

2. Creating capacity to identify and grow new business opportunities is more powerful than simply random waste elimination.

3. The focus of a sustainable business transformation is 90% capturing the hearts and minds of the people who do the work and 10% applying the technical tools to deliver the result.

4. Effective change agents can't be identified by style and personality; they may be found in the unlikeliest places in your organization.

5. A problem well understood is a problem half solved.