Value Stream Mapping

Spend an interactive workshop with Guy Parsons as he coaches you on how to apply value-stream mapping, a fundamental and critical tool, to address what many companies find difficult to do: making a fundamental change in business processes such as administrative, professional, and transactional activities. Our goal will be to adjust current key processes to deliver the most value from your customer’s perspective while consuming the fewest resources using the creative talents of the people who do the work.

You will see how the key elements of lean thinking and value-stream mapping apply to such activities by identifying key processes to tackle by creating a visual representation of your current operating condition and then applying lean principles to envision a leaner future-state for the process that can be sustained. Your team will design a system that is so good that average people get great results!

The Value Stream Mapping Workshop is a carefully structured onsite 3 day event that takes  you through a current-state map to a future-state map that will allow your team to:

  • Understand the core principles of Lean Thinking
  • Understand value – from the customer’s perspective
  • Learn to See opportunities to create capacity using Value Stream Mapping
  • Create a plan to bring Lean Thinking to your organization

Interested? Contact Guy to discuss your needs.