With our seemingly never-ending to-do lists and 9-to-5 back-to-back meetings, we are navigating at breakneck speeds in our work days to attempt to keep it all together.

The ability to prepare and carefully take aim before firing (in making the right decision or taking the right action) has collapsed into a default of constant action, with little time to reflect and pause to create a more accurate course of action.

The speed of business for many has created a culture of fast-paced decisions and actions often resulting in leaders missing the mark because they have no time to reflect or ponder prior to taking action.

Imagine having access to a remote control where you (metaphorically) hit the pause button to gain more clarity on the situation or issue before moving to action. Who else may benefit from being a part of the solution? What other information may be required prior to pulling the trigger to an action? With many people having a tendency towards extroversion, there is a natural energy for this part of the population to be in action, as taking action provides a kind of adrenaline rush. We can learn from our introversion counterparts to slow it down, reflect and inquire before taking action.

In other words, remember to hit the pause button.


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