Our business challenges, the pace of our work lives, and the churn of generational employees today results in many organizations receiving low engagement scores related to employee work satisfaction and happiness.  Low engagement leads to higher turnover with valuable business knowledge and skills walking out the door.

The word “engagement” speaks to bi-directional communication where employees can be actively interacting with one another (and leaders) about company goals and objectives and achieving results. This allows for greater participation and fresh thinking, producing new possibilities for the team and company. Engagement spikes when a leader leads with both conviction and curiosity. The cliché of ping pong, juice bars, comfy chairs and napping pods has become the punchline of many jokes about the key to genuine leadership.

The emphasis should be on being “genuine”.  Leaders should be focusing on a style of personal service that engages the brains that we hire and incorporates a curiosity-based leadership model we call The Learner Mindset.


Read more here: http://www.alleywatch.com/2016/06/ready-spike-engagement-scores/

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